Билет 1

The doctor prescribed this treatment to me.

This treatment was prescribed by doctor.


You vaill live longer if you dont smoke and dont drink alchohol


Билет 2

The dentist said that he would fill my tooth/


Why did the doctor tell the patient to wear the glasses?


Билет 3

He examines the patient in his consulting room.


A new modern hospital will be built there next year.


Билет 4

We asked them if they can tell us the way to the hospital.


Where did the emergency ambulance take the injured man?

Билет 5

I hast never sun the process of blood transfusion because I am afraid of blood .


What does the surgeon cut out with a scalpel ?

Билет 6

Two days ago I heart that our teacher had cauget influenza.


A good nurse must be kind and attentive to her patients.

Билет 7

The ward is aired and cleaned by nurse twice a day.


The patient hoped that the treatment would help him.


Билет 8

I broken my leg and I cant move now.


He is a good phisician.


Билет 9

The nurse gave 2 tablets to the patient.

2 tablets were given to the patient by nurse


This woman is a nurse. She works all day long thats why her fut are always tired.


Билет 10

If a person gets a fracture, I will give him the first aid.


I wanted to ask some questions to the surgeon, but there was nobody in the operating-room.


Билет 11

The students have just translated some texts  about the historyof pharmacology.-->

Some texts about the history of pharmacology have been translated by students.


If you have a poisoning the doctor must do a stomach washing ti you as soon as possible.


Билет 12

I consalted the uculist yesterday . He promised  that.  I would see better after the operation.


Shock and poisoning are dangerous for human health.


Билет 13

At the moment the nurse is taking my BP. She takes the BP and feels the pulse of every sportsman before start.


If a mother doesnt take care of her child he may have rickets


Билет 14

What are you doing?

- I am talkink to the doctor.

The doctor told me to spent more time in the open air and slept not less than 8 hours a day.


Билет 15

Dont worry! There is nothing wrong with you. Some  people feel weak in spring.


When the surgical  narse came back with a syringe he had already lost consciousness.


Билет 16

The nurse was making an injection to her patient when the surgeon came into the ward.


Many doctors and nurses work at the hospital.


Билет 17






Билет 18

What does the ward nurse tak avery morning?


The dentist asked if I was afraid of the drilling machine.



Билет 21

I want to cut the bandage. Where is the scissors?


The patient has already been examined by doctor.


Билет 22

Chemistry is the most important subject for a pharmacist.


He came home late yesterdat.


Билет 27

Cricket is played in a white uniform.


Her hair is bland and thick.


Билет 28

When the morning came, the storm had already stoped, but the snow was still falling.


The stone was stumpled by old woman and she fell down.


Билет 29

Nina asked her friend what the professor had spoken about in his botures.


When did the distuct doctor came?


Билет 30

Oxygen is the most abundant of all the alements of nature.


The teacher told us that ut would have to work hard tomorrow.
















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